The idea

Here I am creating a space for my ideas, philosophies, wishes and dreams so I can develop them and share the nicer ones with others. This is a place for me to share the sparks in my mind********** Intertwined with my own thoughts I will share pieces from people I admire and who inspire me. Either people know, or people I know simply rough their fame and art. I am a great appreciator of people, music, individualism and all things full of love.************* I am easy going and like to laugh, although you will see from my posts/poetic thoughts I have a serious side to my character. Here is one of my poems to show you, however I will not share all my poems on this public space. ******************I am a writer, a thinker, but beyond all a human being like every other….Thank you for listening…… ****************************************************************************************************************************** Guard your heart my friend do not be naive, keep yourself open enough but also keep yourself safe. These lands are as deep as the oceans And as far as a river with no end. My mother is as sweet as your flowers. My father as true as your eyes. My Love will be as clear as the sky And my life I wish to be as bright as the stars and as warm as the sun.


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