Monthly Archives: December 2014

I never left the game. They just told me to leave.

It was only because they knew I was winning. We all know if you get too carried away most victory’s would elude us as our ego carried us far from the rewards of winning a battle through thorough death. Don’t ask me though since I daren’t ask them the questions that burn in my brain, they wouldn’t like it for it burns their brains too.



I do not want you
I never did

Just cos I wanted to help you
didn’t mean I even liked you
I don’t dislike anyone

But in my best current interests
I do not want you i my life

Thank you

Good riddance. I wish
you well. Away from me.
I will be fine, I hope you your good
but i dont care man.
I have my own shite to deal with but thanks for giving me extra anyway,
do NOT bother next time