Monthly Archives: January 2014

A cannot tell if I am in or of this world,

Or is it all beyond me,

An indescribable catastrophe,

Each life an insignificant miracle.


I rest upon the surface of existence,

A fleeting speck of dust dancing across all this nothing

This nothingness which never ends

This forceful universe which begins and refuses to end with me.



I dream when I can hardly bear to wake

Tired of the paths these concrete pavements make

Hollow stares of distant, of distant souls brushing forms,

In spiralled thoughts set in nights of scorn,

My legs move weightless in the dream realm,

A world ever new created at your minds helm.


An edgeless forest full of wishes dark and bright,

Of trees so high the floor is shot out of sight,

Up in floating houses with familiar unknown faces,

In bright unearthly colours and startling places,

Unleashing the strangest shapes of nameless fears,

I rediscover on shifting lands the lost and fallen years.