Monthly Archives: December 2013

Knowledge is power,

“But don’t let the people

know” I heard them say,

I put my ear to the wall around us,

I looked through the keyhole

And I nearly got sucked

straight into their evil trap.

This epidemic of self destruction,

no animal has done  the same.

Yet we unlike lemmings do not 

jump free from the cliff

but free to be fucking

crushed no more, to die

rather than live in their

secret torture so many

smile through blankly.

Don’t open your eyes they say

Keep your eyes wide shut

And we will show you such

a beautiful puppet show

You won’t notice the strings

we carefully sewed into your

Shackled skulls. 

No they won’t take off your heads subjects

They will just take out your brains

I heard the zombies are coming 

All i know is they are the ones 

that hold the strings that pull

and drop us. 

But we hold the key to get out.

They know we do and they want to lock us up.

But they can’t throw away the free.