Monthly Archives: September 2013

Not many have been afraid of the lightFor

Not many have been afraid of the sun

For it is only natural to seek the light.

But some flowers can struggle to feel the rays,

For they grow so much darkness deep inside,

that the shadow covers hope and faith,

A slow and magnificent trick of the light,

to transform through the dark.

Some forget the light is there

yet no matter how cold or how far it seems,

Do not be afraid of your black,

Blackness feeds on fear,

But this taste is only bitter,

The sweetness returns as you can embrace the dark.

See how ugly it is that it shows us back into the world which was so numbed.

Those old feelings but with new lines and colours I never knew before.

I did not know such brightness before I shut all out.

You’ll never know true freedom,

Until you take fear by the hand and show him your love.