Monthly Archives: June 2013

New Souls, New Worlds and New Windows.

Now I am only just learning how to let go of the boy,

That once I held that bit deeper than any other. 

For once a truth is real it cannot be all but gone

Yet it can be replaced by another one in another place.

You see past is not visible in real dimensions,

All I see is you here in this place as we are now. 

In these fresh waters I am just learning you’re the only man

who can hold me so perfectly. Please don’t let go. 

Or don’t make me have to fly away.

I have splashed about so much in the waves of my existence

I hardly knew if I was trying to swim at all. 


Now I have seen the depths of this bottomless world

I know I can travel to the most dangerous places in my mind. 

For the universe extends infinitely around us.

Though I have seen blackness from a safer distance than some,

I still saw how it swallows up the best of men forever. 

These days I see the light through mists in clearer view,

As my eyes are no longer wide shut. 

I won’t let the dark creep in so far again.


Now your kind eyes shine so bright,

With the perfect pain you withstood in such grace.

They glow with those you gave of your tender heart.

I never knew til now I’d meet the man I love.

In my life’s ripples you’re the only man I met

Who had such windows into your purest of souls. 

I never saw a soul sail with such grace across the trials of these times. 

But now I see you fresh and new and I don’t ever want to look away.