The Depths of Life’s Lake

Sometimes I splash about so much in the seas of life,

I wonder if I am trying to swim at all,

Or am I trying to pretend I’m not drowning.


As still as the water in the lake us how I sat that early summers day,

And pondered how I could feel so free,

So often forgotten is the beauty of the ripples

which soothe the waves of our world when it feels like they crowd us.


Now I remember he told me to ride the aves out,

And as I looked at that new boy before me 

I knew everything would be alright.


Though I can’t erase the hurricanes of my past lovers

As long as when we return from these foreign shores

We may find each other in another place,

Old or new there we can start anew.


For a new leaf must be turned for every boy I know again and again.

So I will always see a little deeper myself in the waters i wade with changing company.


For I had not one love as the ripples in the lake move away each day.

As do the raindrops in my heart.


I seek a wave which does not push me

A man who will tread softly with me through the ocean

And take my hand safely to a land called home. 


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