Monthly Archives: May 2013

A Picture

You are in my picture

The painting of my world.

I see the other paintings

and the beautiful colours

Some are too lovely 

So I have to look away

As I must stay in my lines.


I didn’t realise I let you draw me so neatly,

brush so clearly my life with your hand.

I did not see your hand move mine 

So i could not paint my life as I saw it.

I was blinded by the piece of art 

We had created of our love.


Then I remember when I first saw your colours so bright

And I realise the image I saw was in the eye of my beholding,

And you were so lovely I couldn’t look away

From this perfect picture painted by me.


We were too busy drwaing each other,

We forgot to paint ourselves. 


The Depths of Life’s Lake

Sometimes I splash about so much in the seas of life,

I wonder if I am trying to swim at all,

Or am I trying to pretend I’m not drowning.


As still as the water in the lake us how I sat that early summers day,

And pondered how I could feel so free,

So often forgotten is the beauty of the ripples

which soothe the waves of our world when it feels like they crowd us.


Now I remember he told me to ride the aves out,

And as I looked at that new boy before me 

I knew everything would be alright.


Though I can’t erase the hurricanes of my past lovers

As long as when we return from these foreign shores

We may find each other in another place,

Old or new there we can start anew.


For a new leaf must be turned for every boy I know again and again.

So I will always see a little deeper myself in the waters i wade with changing company.


For I had not one love as the ripples in the lake move away each day.

As do the raindrops in my heart.


I seek a wave which does not push me

A man who will tread softly with me through the ocean

And take my hand safely to a land called home. 

Smoke Dreams

A smoke I suck and puff on grey,

The colour they call fading away.

When did I learn to enjoy the burn.

A cigarette for imagined regrets.

“And if you’re in love you’re the lucky one

because most of us are breathing through corrupted lungs.” (


I ask my marred memory to wake up and smell the sky.

I ask my regrets not to fade from grey but see the beauty in the rain.

And I will find myself.

Take your fires away but leave me the warmth to shield me in the darkness.

My Hurricane

I’d never dream of holding you down,

I ask only that you let me hold you a small while,

I wouldn’t dare keep you from all the things i know you’ll do,

For you flashed me the clouded light in your eyes that makes me love you.


To me you’re a hurricane lifting me off the cracks in the ground,

Yet with the slightest slip you leave me waiting on the edge again.

With you I am close to something too strong to understand.

And when we leave and you’re gone away,

To make the deepest print and leave no trace upon the land you grace,

I’ll see your eyes and mine will smile as proof you’re the boy I held that bit deeper than any other.

I’ll remember you’re island of truth among all their masks.

Nothing is for certain in a hurricane,

But that which was once real remains in the winds path forever.