The man on the moon

or the sun in the sky

The girl on the silver

the boy caught up high







I am no..


I am no demon.

I am no

training wreck,

I might know freedom

But i am no brainiac

i am no teacher

i have no grains on my back

I got o’s dealer

i dont know who it was

they dont know either

but if you know whats good for us

let love lose freedom.

you dont know what i mean

i know Coke feed her

i know love has a name

she’s above our feelings

i knew love

she knew that,

i like to see Frida

but i don’t know

rain from smack

or (rails we lack)………



i just know.





freeze em.




yours fictionally , Elsa?








I do not want you
I never did

Just cos I wanted to help you
didn’t mean I even liked you
I don’t dislike anyone

But in my best current interests
I do not want you i my life

Thank you

Good riddance. I wish
you well. Away from me.
I will be fine, I hope you your good
but i dont care man.
I have my own shite to deal with but thanks for giving me extra anyway,
do NOT bother next time

A Gift

“Don’t tell me yet, I want it to be a surprise,”, said Emese,
“I thought you didn’t like surprises,”
“I like you, so as long as the surprise includes you, I’m a happy bunny,” Jez kissed her in response to her sentiment and walked over to the old oak cabinet he put all their valuables in and pulled out a dust box after scrabbling around for a good three minutes.
“What on earth are you doing honey? We don’t have anything in there that isn’t a family heirloom my Grandparents gave me, what do you need them for now?”
“I never told you I put it in here because I wanted to save it for a special day. Something is telling me today is the day I’ve been waiting for all these years.”
“I’m not sure what you mean, we’ve been together ten years, and we have lived in this cottage for seven, hell Martin I’m nearly thirty, what is it you want to give me I have everything I ever wanted, I have you ya big wally!”
“I know and that is why I kept this secret until now, please listen, trust me, you’ll like it.”
Emese was beginning to get fidgety, it didn’t take much in all honesty. She put her cigarette out in the fireplace, it had already gone out during thier stunted conversation, she had been starting at Jez with a tired confusion that had turned gradually into a nervous excitement. “I feel like a child, you haven’t made me feel this in the dark since we were nineteen.”
“And this was the first time I kept you in the dark, and we were nineteen, you were, I was twenty. But a lot younger than you in many ways,
“And older in others,” quipped Emese,
“Yes and it’s for that understanding that I love you. You see, you saw, that I didn’t trust Love or myself. After a life with you I learned how to believe in love. You are my faith.”

Emese was speechless, her dark auburn eyes flickered in front of the fire. Jez’s eyes were locked on her face and she could not look away, she stood up so that her face was level with his chin. He took a wisp of hair from the side of her cheek and tucked it behind her perfectly formed ear. As he leaned closer in she breathed deeply as the anticipation closed in on her,

“This is for you.” He closed her fingers over the box as he pressed it gently into her palm. “but now I gave it to you, you must do whatever you want with it. Don’t think of anyone else, just bwhat you wish. You are the only one I trust to make the right decision. You are the only one I trust with Love itself, The heart of the world, full of all the pain, capable of all the violence and the only thing strong enough to eradicate fear. It is boundless life, they always said it was unboxable, but I put it in this box, for you.”